Did you know that it’s expected that the number of people employed as security guards will increase by 15 percent overall between the years 2020 and 2030? This is faster than the average growth projection for all occupations!

When you think of a personal bodyguard, you immediately think of famous people. However, this is not necessarily the case any longer. In today’s uncertain times, there are some positions that attract more attention than others and people who will need the services of a bodyguard company. Also, there are some circumstances that might require the use of personal security.

If you find yourself as a target, either by criminals or an angry partner, you will be a soft target even if you’re not in the limelight. You will find that hiring a bodyguard company will be in your best protection interests. 

Truth be known, there are many different types of people who require the services of a personal bodyguard, including celebrities, wealthy people in business, and people who travel the world. This guide explains why and who should hire a bodyguard. 

What Is a Personal Bodyguard?

Bodyguards are professionally trained people hired to ensure that individuals’ personal security needs are met. These people include:

  • Famous celebrities
  • Political figures
  • Top business executives
  • Other people who could face personal attacks

Bodyguards accompany their clients to official events and accompany them on their daily activities. Bodyguards sometimes also travel with their clients.

The Personal Bodyguard’s Job

A bodyguard’s job can be gratifying, but it’s not as glitzy as many believe. Even though bodyguards are sometimes subjected to lavish lifestyles and may also get to travel frequently, the end goal is to protect someone’s life, not have fun. Therefore, they are always on the job.

Bodyguards can work independently or as part of a team of security officers. Personal bodyguards prepare themselves to intervene quickly and defend their employers’ clients. Bodyguards are trained to do so in any circumstance in which there is a risk of harassment or attack.

They guard wealthy individuals, public officials, and celebrities against:

  • A kidnapping
  • An assassination
  • A harassment threat
  • Theft of property
  • An assault attempt
  • Many other types of criminal activity 

The training that bodyguards receive prepares them to respond rapidly in dangerous situations and enables them to make snap judgments and change decisions on the fly. They never lose sight of their customers, constantly monitor their environment, and maintain a respectful distance from unfamiliar people at all times. Their duties also can include: 

  • Escorting their clients to and from events
  • Offer services for the protection of events
  • Maintain vigilance in all relevant areas
  • Carry out the necessary preventative maintenance
  • Determine if there are any potential threats
  • Make sure you have a plan for getting out of dangerous situations
  • Communicate and explain possible dangers

Bodyguards will also be used as security services at crowded media events to keep disruptions to a minimum. This is because bodyguards can help keep the flow of the event unhindered.

Personal bodyguards are competent in numerous areas of self-defense as well, even though the classic image of the burly, physical enforcer of a man in a suit may not be accurate. In fact, most come from a law enforcement background, such as police and FBI.

Who May Need a Personal Bodyguard?

It’s a common misconception that you only require the services of a personal bodyguard if you’re a member of an A-list celebrity or an elite family. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

It goes without saying that, yes, famous people do need the services of a security detail as they struggle to:

  • Maintain their composure in large crowds
  • Worry about being followed by unknown individuals
  • Face the risk of being mobbed
  • Get pursued by photographers

But, these famous high-profile people aren’t the only ones who need close protection services. There are plenty of other people who do as well. 

The A-Listers Such As Celebrities

The most prominent people who need the services of a bodyguard company are A-listers. Celebrities make excellent candidates for personal protection services because they have millions of devoted fans who pursue them constantly.

It’s possible that the vast majority of fans just want to snap a quick photo of themselves with their hero or just shake the celebrity’s hand, but there’s always a risk that these interactions will take a more sinister turn.

At events and other scenarios in which celebrities interact with the public, having a bodyguard close to hand can help provide additional security and deter overzealous fans from going too far with their behavior. 

People Who Are Extremely Wealthy

Those who are in control of significant amounts of money or power may find that they are the focus of unwanted attention, which may cause them to be worried about their personal safety.

This may be especially important to keep in mind when planning to travel or attend big events such as conventions or rallies. It’s possible that these people are not even aware that they have any specific enemies, but the fact of the matter is that just having a lot of money makes one a target. The presence of a bodyguard can reduce the likelihood of many potential dangers. 

Chief Executive Officers and Their Business Executives

Chief executive officers and other executives frequently use private security as a means of protecting themselves and their families from a variety of risks to their personal safety.

It goes without saying that being in charge of companies worth millions or billions of dollars comes with its own set of potentially hazardous responsibilities. They should employ bodyguards to protect themselves and their families from:

  • Kidnapping threats to themselves and their families
  • There may be disgruntled workers who wish to do them harm
  • Other forms of corporate crime

CEOs might also consider employing bodyguards for times when they want to go away on holidays and relax and let their guard down; pardon the pun!

People Who Suddenly Find Themselves In the Spotlight

Those in high-profile stories in the media may find that they must adjust to receiving a lot of attention. While much of that attention may be positive, things can also go wrong.

Criminals frequently use these new targets to organize their next “blow”, so anyone who finds themselves in the spotlight should consider hiring a bodyguard.

People In Domestic Disputes, Separation, and Divorces

If they believe that they are still in danger, people who have been the victims of domestic violence or divorce may want to look into hiring personal security. Unfortunately, these kinds of scenarios rarely have a positive outcome.

In these situations, people’s feelings are running high, and they sometimes resort to hurting and threatening one another. To ensure that both parties remain safe during any meetings between their combative spouses, a bodyguard should be present during all of those meetings. 

People Who Constantly Handle Valuables

You do not need to be in charge of a corporate, famous, or rich in order to be vulnerable to potential harm. Some companies happen to use individuals to:

  • Move valuables or money from one location to another for the job
  • Transport confidential documentation

These people run the risk of being threatened by criminals and will need guarding.

Especially when you travel, it’s essential to have a personal bodyguard who is specially trained to identify any potentially suspicious behavior exhibited by those around you. In addition, a security detail ensures that both you and your valuable cargo arrive at the destination safely. 

Even if you believe professional protection is a good idea, you may still have some concerns. Your best bet is to speak to a trusted security company to get some clarification. 

Hire a Bodyguard, Better Safe Than Sorry!

In the end, there are many compelling arguments in favor of employing the services of a personal bodyguard. Doing so is most likely the best course of action to take if you’re concerned about potential dangers or your own personal safety.

You don’t need to be a wealthy executive or a media personality to inquire about such services. Anyone can do it. Over the course of time, it has become easier to acquire bodyguard services. 

The right security agents will seamlessly integrate into your life to ensure your safety, allowing you to both feel safe and quickly see how simple it is to enjoy greater security without disrupting your schedule.

Are you feeling threatened? Are you looking to hire a personal bodyguard service? Then, get peace of mind, contact us immediately! Our firm has experience in providing the highest level of protection possible for your personal and business assets, personnel, and operations.

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