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Notary Services

Do you have important documents to file in Oregon? If so, a notary public is essential to complete the process.

Maybe you need to file official paperwork concerning guardianship, power of attorney, or financial issues. Knowing where to find a public notary in Oregon is of the utmost importance to expedite the job.

But what all is involved in the day-to-day life of a notary?

There are some specific requirements and laws for each state’s notary. In Oregon, some of the requirements are as follows:

  • Must be appointed by the Governor of Oregon and commissioned by the Secretary of State to complete a four-year term.
  • Notary publics in Oregon may administer oaths, affirmations, and jurats.
  • Notaries are able to certify a “true copy” of many documents.
  • Must participate in an instructional seminar, which is three hours long. These seminars may be taken online or in person and are free.
  • Must pass an open book examination.

Notaries in many states must affix a stamp or signature on the documents. There are special stamps used for this process, and every state has its own rules about the requirements for this.

Some states are required to use a stamping pad with black ink while other states require an embossing seal. In Oregon, a notary public must use a black ink stamp to notarize documents. If desired, the notary public in Oregon can also use an embossing seal but not exclusively.

A notary public will witness the signing of your documents, thus protecting you and your documents from fraud.

Notary publics in Oregon also ensure the signer is who they say they are by verifying their identity. This requires checking the person’s license, making sure the person is not under duress, and making sure the person understands what the contents of the document are.

Fingerprinting Services

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