Concealed Carry Courses

50 State CCW Course

NRA CCW takes place in a traditional classroom and range environment. This course may be completed in a single day format or over several days with smaller blocks of instruction. Course topics include: Firearm Safety (Mandatory), Pistol Nomenclature and Selecting a Pistol for Self-Defense, Basic Defensive Pistol Skills, Drawing from Concealment, Loading and Stoppage Remediation, Mindset, Carry Modes and Pistol Concealment, Firearm Cleaning, and Sport Shooting and Training Activities. Course length is determined by the Instructor, to meet your State’s requirements for a CCW permit. Additionally, students will complete live fire training and a nationally standardized shooting

qualification while on the range with an NRA Certified Instructor. Students will receive reference books, take a NRA CCW Student Examination and receive a course completion certificate 

Concealed Carry/Firearm Safety Course

This is our 4 hour NRA Home Firearm Safety Class. This class includes 4 hours of classroom training, which will detail basic overviews of cleaning, maintenance, firearm storage, identifying and unloading different firearms, fundamentals of ammunition, failure modes, and how to handle a firearm safely. This is compliant with WA 1639 regulations. 

The optional second part of the class is one hour of dedicated judgmental and shooting discipline with the use of our laser simulator. Shooting discipline will focus on stance, breathing and proper sight alignment and picture. 

After the completion of this five-hour course, you will leave with an understanding of proper firearm safety and appropriate storage, as well as basic skills to handle and use a firearm. 

After the class, we also offer $15 fingerprinting and packet information to obtain Arizona CCW. For a link to an updated map of the 28 states that the AZ permit will cover, click here: Between that, the 9 states that do not require a permit, OR and WA you can have 39 state coverage. 

(Military/Veterans/First Responders, please call for a discount.)


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