Professional Private Security Services in Portland, Oregon

Trust the Highly Trained and Experienced Team of Private Security Guards from Succor Global. 

Why You Need Private Security Services

Succor Global is the leading provider of Portland security guards. Whether you need private security for an executive or celebrity or need protection for your commercial property, we have a solution for you. Contact us today to learn more about our Portland security guard services.

Having security services in Oregon is a great choice for your business. If people make poor choices or unfortunate events transpire, you already have a plan in place to respond. Having highly-trained security personnel mitigates danger and deters theft.

Why You Should Trust in Succor Global

Succor Global is one of the best choices for security services in Portland. Our commitment to excellence and highly trained security guards ensure you and your personnel stay safe and secure.

Partner With Succor Global for Your Security Needs

Call us today to learn more about our security services in the Portland area.

Executive Protection & Private Security

  • Personal Security and Executive Protection
  • On-Site / Property Security
  • Film / Television Production Security
  • Personal Driver and Escort Services

Security Audits & Consultations

  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Corporate Security Solutions
  • Corporate Emergency Preparedness Auditing
  • Emergency Management Consultation

Training Courses & Certifications

  • Tailored Safety & Security Certification
  • CPR / First-Aid Certification
  • Concealed Handgun & Safety Classes
  • Self-Defense & Verbal De-Escalation Classes

Private Security Services Information

Succor Global, LLC. is licensed and insured and offers a full range of security solutions, customizable to our clients’ specific needs. We strive to enhance the well-being of the clients’ personal & business interests by providing superior security & protection services while maintaining the highest level of training. It is our training that truly sets us at the top of the industry.

Our agents are highly experienced professionals within the industry, from prior law enforcement, military combat veterans, and executive/private security personnel. All our agents are strictly vetted through our in-depth criminal background check and rigorous interview & training process. They meet and maintain all federal & state requirements for certifications and licensing. We also encourage all our agents to complete additional training to better serve our clients.
Our entire staff vigorously uphold our mission statement in every assignment and share the same vision of distinctive quality and unparalleled customer service.