Professional Handgun Training and Certification in Portland, OR

Looking for handgun training and certification in Portland, Oregon? Succor Global is the leading provider of hands-on defensive handgun training in the area.

Tailored Defensive Firearms Courses

Succor Global is the leading choice for professional handgun training and certification in Portland, Oregon. We offer a wide range of firearms and security training courses, including a concealed carry class.

Our instructors are highly-trained and experienced professionals from the industry, including prior security personnel, military combat veterans, and law enforcement. Each instructor goes through an extensive criminal background check, interview, and training process. They meet all state and federal requirements for licensing and certifications.

To learn more about our class offerings and see when the next classes are, check out our online class schedule.

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Comprehensive Training for Security Agents

Our classes cover everything security agents need to know, from advanced survival training to basic first-aid. You also don’t have to be a security agent to take part in one of our classes. Most certifications and courses are open to the public.

Our classes are available in private, corporate, or group sessions. If you don’t see a date or time that works for you, no problem, reach out to us and we’ll work with your schedule.

Some of the courses we have available include:

  • Cerberus course
  • ALICE active shooter response training
  • Concealed carry course
  • Unarmed/armed certification course
  • CPR/First Aid/AED course
  • Firearms training course

Our training provides our students with the highest quality firearms, concealed handguns, and security training available in the Portland area. Don’t miss your opportunity to get trained by some of the best instructors in Oregon.

All of our courses include traditional classroom and hands-on enviornments. No matter what course you choose, you’re guarnateed to have the opporutnity to put the skills you’ve learn to good use.

When you work with Succor Global, you’ll leaving your course with the understand of whatever subject matter you’re learning and the skills you need to protect yourself and others.

How Our Process Works

Step One: Sign Up for a Class

View our online class schedule to sign up for an upcoming course or training.

Step Two: Come to Your Course

Depending upon the class you choose, you can compelte it over a few days or in a single day.

Step Three: Pass the Class

You’ll be met with success when you partner with Succor Global.

Why Should You Choose Succor Global for Your Training Needs?

Succor Global is committed to bringing together people from different backgrounds, each with their own viewpoints, experiences, and skills. Each of our instructors brings something different to the table, ensuring our students get a well-rounded experience.

We’re committed to providing our students with the highest quality training and certification available in the Portland area. Our instructors have different backgrounds, but ensure each of their students finds success in their respective fields.

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