What if your life was in danger and you didn’t even know it?

You may not think your life has too many security concerns. However, executives, politicians, bankers, and even teachers become targets for attackers every day.

The best way to protect yourself is to hire private security. Succor Global can help, but many who most need personal protection don’t know who Succor is or how we can help.

Interested in protecting yourself and your family? Keep reading to discover what Succor Global can do for you!

Who Is Succor Global Security Services?

Succor Global Security Services is a security company owned and run by military veterans. We specialize in providing security for individuals, businesses, employees, and assets.

We are also devoted to diversity. In addition to our company being run by people of color, we have created an inclusive environment to attract the best job candidates from around the world.

That’s because we understand that “diversity” isn’t a buzzword. Rather, it’s a commitment to hiring the best and most talented people no matter their background. And when it comes to your personal protection, Succor believes you should never settle for less than the best!

Now that you know a bit more about who Succor is, we’re going to look into what our executive protection, personal driver, and escort services can do for you and your business.

Perfect Protection for Executives

These days, businesses are major brands in and of themselves. And that makes the executives in charge of these businesses a bit like celebrities. While there are certain perks that come with celebrity, there are also some major drawbacks.

As one of the “faces” of the company, executives may be targets for an attack. Attacks may come from anyone from crazed superfans to someone hired by a rival company. And keep in mind these may be digital attacks rather than physical ones.

It may sound paranoid, but we are big fans of the Joseph Heller quote from Catch-22: “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.” With the right executive protection, you can get the peace of mind you’ve been looking for.

Surviving a Politically Violent World

We live in a world where political views often incite violence. And not always because these views are extreme. Rather, extremists simply react violently to politics they disagree with.

And this could affect you at any point. If you decide to run for a political position, then every person you encounter is a potential attacker. And even if you do nothing but make political comments on social media, you could become a target (keep in mind that hackers have ways to “doxx” someone posting behind otherwise anonymous accounts).

You shouldn’t have to live in fear of how others will react to what you have to say. By hiring personal protection, you can say or type whatever you want without fear of political reprisal.

Dealing With Disgruntled Former Employees

If you’re a manager or executive at a business, then laying people off is an unfortunate reality of the job. You never know what the economy will do or what the latest report will say until it happens. Eventually, you’ll have to lay people off no matter how long they’ve been with the company.

Disgruntled former employees may decide to take their anger out on you as the person who laid them off. As someone who knows a lot about your work habits, former employees can attack you when you are most vulnerable. And they also know enough about your business to do serious damage to everything from its reputation to its internal systems.

You can’t run a business while always worrying about what angry former employees will do. And the right security company can help protect both you and your business.

Protecting Your Reputation

Every day, more people are concerned about getting “canceled” online. The reason is simple: it takes you years to develop the kind of professional reputation you build your business on. But it may take an anonymous attacker online only hours to ruin that reputation.

Fortunately, good security companies have experience running security audits for both organizations and individuals. This helps you discover ways that someone may try to compromise your reputation. Additionally, a security firm can make recommendations for what to do (and what not to do) online to further protect your reputation.

And in the real world, having a personal security force can help boost your reputation. It sends a clear message that nobody should try to mess with you or your reputation!

Safer Travels

There is always something magical about traveling, especially traveling internationally. You get to experience people, culture, and customs that you may never have experienced before. But traveling has one major downside: it always leaves you more vulnerable.

When you go through your regular routine at home, you have more control over your own security. In short, you understand what the security technology and arrangements are and can plan accordingly. But you lose all those security arrangements when you travel, and while not knowing what will happen next is exciting, it also opens you up to potential attacks.

This is where your personal protection comes in. A guard can take care of your security concerns because the guard is a reliable security arrangement that can go anywhere that you go.

A Trusted Driver

So far, we have focused on how personal protection can keep you safe from attacks. But you should also know that with our personal driver and escort services, you can be safely driven to any destination of your choice.

There are many unexpected dangers when you drive yourself. This includes everything from dangerous paparazzi to distracted drivers. And all it takes is a single moment of panic or confusion for you to get hurt or even killed.

But personal drivers with a security background understand defensive driving and how to keep you safe. Plus, having your own driver gives you more time to focus on the upcoming challenges of the day.

Security Concerns: Protect Yourself and Your Family Today!

Now you know how personal protection can take care of your security concerns. But do you know where to find the best protection today?

Here at Succor Global, we are ready to provide the protection you deserve. If you’re ready to better protect yourself and your family, contact us today!

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