Whether you need executive security or protection for your enterprise, assets, and the safety of your personnel, Succor Global, LLC is the private security contractor to get the job done.



As a global company, we value the diversity of our employees as a bonafide strength. Succor Global, LLC. brings together people from a wide range of backgrounds – all with different skills, experiences, and viewpoints. This brings the diversity of thought that is vital at every level of the business 

Diversity embodies all the differences that make us unique individuals. It is not limited to gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, or any other characteristic.

We at Succor Global, LLC. promote an inclusive work environment, guided by mutual respect, openness, honesty, and the spirit of trust and cooperation. We believe this goal will help us attain the highest possible productivity, creativity, and efficiency. 

The diversity of every one of our employees mirrors the diversity of our customers, clients, suppliers, and partners. It empowers us to deliver the highest quality service that makes our customers successful. 

We believe that everyone at Succor Global, LLC. can contribute to our joint success. When we bring our differences together, we are successful.




Jackie brings a distinguished career and track record of high-level experience to Succor Global, and to the art of training and business of private security. He graduated from Portland State University’s School of Business with a degree in Marketing & Psychology.

He spent 10 years in the US Army  and over 17 years in Executive Protection/Private Security, and continues his prolific work in training and consulting. Jackie has a strong passion for philanthropy that has afforded him the ability to give back to humanity in many ways: he currently maintains numerous board memberships and executive titles, including, among others, ASIS International – an global organization devoted to security practitioners, each of whom has a role in the protection of assets – people, property, and/or information. – Jackie currently serves as ASIS International’s Columbia River Chapter Vice Chair.

His key strengths include business strategy & growth, marketing, public speaking, emergency management planning, risk and threat assessments, situational awareness, and relationship-building; he brings his unmatched drive and dedication, extensive network and experience, proven track record of growth production, love for humanity, and his out-of-the-box vision to Succor Global.



Stephanie brings our team the administrative insight needed to maintain and grow a successful business. She comes with a 20+ year background in excellent customer service and administrative experiance. Her skills have been developed over years of working with growing companies to set and achieve milestones; while maintaining customer and employee satisfaction and retention. Stephanie graduated from Clackamas Community College with a degree in Business and certificates in Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources, and Retail Management.

Prior to joining Succor Global she worked as Operations Manager for a Vancouver, WA based repair and service company. She enjoys working with a team, to provide clients with reliable top notch service. While keeping in mind the goals of the company and needs of the client, she works to enhance the overall experience for employees and clients alike. Working in many industries has afforded Stephanie the ability to assess a situation to find the best solution to keep Succor Global moving forward, while maintaining client satisfaction, and employee loyalty. Stephanie’s key strengths include communication, business management, customer service, budget tracking, operations management, and business development. She brings an outstanding reputation for maintaining a high level of professionalism and thoroughness; her proven track record of business development and customer service to Succor Global.



Eric brings a deep understanding of information and insight to develop flexible and effective processes for Succor Global. He uses his vast operational expertise and passion for emergency management to ensure continuous improvement for our clients.

He graduated from Idaho State University with a degree in Homeland Security & Emergency Management. Eric spent over 20 years in the Marine Corp and US Army and over 14 years within Executive Protection/Private Security, and he has continued his profound work consulting. Eric has worked with and alongside upper-level officials during his time in the military, as well as private corporations, and religious organizations in need of security and emergency management/preparedness.

Eric has a deep passion for helping those in need and giving back to his community. He volunteers his skills and knowledge in church safety and security, community youth mentorship and as a volunteer firefighter where he can continue to serve.

His key strengths include assessing and analyzing risk, designing/implementing threat management plans, and operational management; he brings his unrivaled drive and dedication, outstanding leadership, and his passion for growth to Succor Global.



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